Roads in a poor state after works says Gould

Roads in a poor state after works says Gould
Cllr Thomas Gould with St Anne's mental homePicture: Eddie O'Hare

ROADS on the city's northside are 'wearing away' after shoddy roadworks, according to a local councillor.

Sinn Féin's Thomas Gould said that the Cathedral Road is in 'an appalling condition' after the road surface was relayed on the back of Irish Water works in the area.

The utility provider completed its works in the area approximately a month ago. It marked the end of a year-long effort to replace and upgrade old and faulty pipes in the area.

However, criticism is growing after the new road surfaces were deemed a poor standard by locals.

Mr Gould said the Cathedral Road is 'wearing away in front of our eyes' since contractors completed the work last month.

"It's frightening to see the condition of some of the roads in our city," Mr Gould said.

"The Cathedral road is the main access road to the city centre for many people on the northside and it is in appalling condition. It links Shandon, Gurranabraher and Blackpool and the surface is wearing away since Irish Water finished their work.

"They have washed their hands of it and left this patchwork job."

Mr Gould said that a number of adjacent roads are in poor condition, posing an issue for many motorists.

Tarmac is wearing away on the surface of the roads, causing an issue for some motorists in wet weather.

"I have had people complain about punctures and potholes causing damage on these roads in the last few weeks," the Sinn Féin councillor added.

Among those using the roads are 'well over 1000 children' from six schools in the area, Mr Gould said.

The issues can also be found on Cathedral Street, Roman Street, Gerald Griffin Street and others all across the northside, he said.

"A lot of the major infrastructural projects in the city are concentrated on the city centre and the southside," Mr Gould said.

"Very little is being done for the northside. While we need the northern ring road as a matter of urgency for the entire area, we also need to see practical upgrades done on our normal roads too. Many of them are wearing away before our eyes."

Irish Water did not respond to a request for comment by the time of print.

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