Sound out: Apple to move iTunes to Cork

Sound out: Apple to move iTunes to Cork

APPLE is moving its iTunes music service from Luxembourg to Cork next week.

The move, as reported in the Evening Echo last September, has been confirmed by the company in a note to developers issued on Thursday.

It means Apple's entire non-US iTunes service for more than 100 countries will be supported from Hollyhill. It is understood the value of the services being transferred to Cork is $9 billion.

In September, the company confirmed to the Echo that the extra Apple services being moved to Cork will be subject to Irish tax at the statutory rate.

"As of February 5, 2017, Apple Distribution International will relocate the iTunes, Apple Music, App Store and iBooks Store businesses from Luxembourg to Cork, Ireland," the note said.

"The Luxembourg Branch of Apple Distribution International will cease its operations on February 4. Apple has been operating in Ireland since 1980 and now employs nearly 6,000 people. As we continue to expand our operations in Cork, we are moving our iTunes business there and will support content stores and services for more than 100 countries from our campus at Hollyhill."

iTunes is Apple’s hugely popular distribution service for songs, videos, books and podcasts.

The service includes a catalogue of more than 43 million songs, 700,000 apps, more than a million podcasts and 40,000 music videos.

It began operating in 2003, supplying music to Apple’s iPod music player devices and later to the iPhone and iPad devices.

The service records revenues in the billions each year.

Last year, Apple unveiled plans to recruit 1,000 new staff for its Cork campus, bringing the total employed in the city to 6,000 once all the jobs come on stream. 

A newly-constructed building on the Cork campus, which is due to be completed by mid-2017, will help accommodate the expanded workforce.

The company first opened a purpose-built 44,000 square foot factory in Hollyhill in October 1980, employing hundreds in its first company-owned manufacturing facility. It now focuses more on customer services and support services than manufacturing.  

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