Duo offer tattoos to holiday donors

Duo offer tattoos to holiday donors

Cork friends Ryan Conroy and Jamie Warrington have come up with a novel scheme to fund a dream holiday.

BEING tattooed with the initials of virtual strangers might seem like a high price to pay for a lads’ holiday.

Nonetheless, Cork teens Ryan Conroy and Jamie Warrington are willing to go to any lengths to make this the best summer yet.

Not content with spending the holiday season in their hometown of Carrigtwohill, the pair have created a Go Fund Me page appealing for donations towards a trip to Zante in Greece.

Contributions of €60 or more will see Jamie ink his skin with a donor’s initials provided, he says, “it’s in a reasonable place we can both agree on.”

Ryan, a Leaving Cert student and Jamie, who is in his first year studying architectural technology at CIT, came up with the idea in response to their current financial situation.

“Being in college and school, neither of us were working enough hours to be able to afford a trip like this,” Jamie explained.

“We wanted to come up with something that would appeal to people, but also give them a laugh too.”

The 19-year-old maintains that having his body marked with inkings will be a small price pay. 

“Our plan is to both get jobs while over there. Tattoos are much cheaper abroad so I’ll be able to afford the initials. Seeing as though my lower arm is already covered in tattoos, I’ll be the one having them done. It won’t be too ridiculous. I definitely won’t be coming back with anything on my forehead!

“As long as I can cover the tattoos up for job interviews it won’t bother me. If anything, they will make for great memories in years to come and remind us of the people who helped us pay for our holiday. I’ve no doubt it will be a great story for the grandchildren too.”

“We’ll be sending back photographs of the tattoos to the people who have donated as soon as they’re done. To date, we have raised €375.”

To support Ryan and Jamie, search search gofundme.com for “Cork students work holiday”

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