Motorcyclist is looking for the good Samaritan that tracked down his stolen bike

Motorcyclist is looking for the good Samaritan that tracked down his stolen bike
Philipp Hauschild with his 125 RMR Superbyke. Photo: Larry Cummins

A GERMAN man who has had his motorcycle stolen three times since moving to Cork just over two years ago is searching for the local good Samaritan who helped him to recover it after the latest theft.

Philipp Hauschild, from Hamburg, has been living and working at Apple on the northside of Cork for the last two and a half years and has had his motorbike stolen on three occasions.

The first time it was stolen in the city centre and then outside his home on the northside. On both those occasions, Philipp had to purchase a new motorbike.

However, the third time, outside Lidl in Knocknaheeny, a local man - believed to be in his forties - offered to drive Philipp around to find it and they recovered it just a short distance away after a group of youths had wandered off with it. It was badly damaged.

Philipp had no time to thank the man as he drove away once the bike - a 125 RMR Superbyke - had been found, but he now wants to meet the man again so he can express his gratitude.

“I found it very selfless from this guy. He just said 'hey, c'mon we'll look for it' and I've never experienced this kindness from a stranger before. It was an amazing feeling for me that someone would be so helpful,” he said.

“I don't have any contact details for him, he just left me there and said goodbye. I didn't have time to say thank you or invite him for a coffee,” he added.

Philipp said he is shocked that he has been the victim of crime on three occasions in his short time here and would like to work with projects in the area to help young people.

“Directly after it happened I posted about it on Facebook and I got a number of messages from friends back in Germany saying that they park their bikes outside and nothing like this ever happens. I would like to know what is happening here,” he said.

“Me and my colleagues, we cry for these kids who have no other hope or hobbies that they are stealing bikes for fun. I would be the first person to offer my free time to help the kids to not have to do these kind of things to pass the time,” he added.

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