Blackpool is shaken by a murder in its midst on a quiet afternoon

Blackpool is shaken by a murder in its midst on a quiet afternoon
EEXX news 08/12/2016.Aidan O'Driscoll shooting at Commons Road, Blackpool, Cork.Fatal shooting. Scene on Thursday morning.Pic; Larry Cummins

"A dark shadow" has been cast over the community of Blackpool which has been visibly shaken by Wednesday evening's shooting.

Speaking to the Evening Echo locals expressed their absolute shock at the events in the typically quiet area.

The scene remained cordoned off yesterday as Gardaí continue to investigate the callous murder. 

At the nearby Church of the Annunciation, Mass goers remembered him in their prayers.

Addressing the congregation, Fr John O'Donovan said; “We pray for Aidan O'Driscoll who we all know died tragically yesterday.

“We remember Aidan in our prayers, as well as his family including his brother and sisters and extended family.” 

Just yards away from the Church of the Annunciation, a major investigation continued into the brutal murder of a man which occurred on a busy afternoon in the heart of Blackpool.

Outside the Church following Mass, passersby were quiet, keeping a watchful eye on the Garda vans and visibly shaken by the incidents of the previous day.

The reaction from local traders was one of shock. Murders have unfortunately become a regular occurrence in Dublin and for a period Limerick city was also blighted by such violent crimes however in Cork, such incidents are very rare and for a murder to occur in Blackpool, it has left the community reeling.

Bill Dunlea, Chairman of the Blackpool Community Centre said that the proud village has been “numbed”.

“People don't know how to react.

“We're very proud here in Blackpool so this is very difficult.

“Everyone is going around shocked.

“You read in the papers about things like this happening in Dublin and Limerick but when it comes to your own area it's very hard to believe it.”

Mick Moriarty, owner of The Baldy Barber has worked in Blackpool for decades on Great William O'Brien Street. He said that customers had been talking about nothing else, on a day that is traditionally associated with the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.

“I'm cutting hair here 50 years this Christmas and I've never heard anything about carry on of this kind in the area.” he reflected.

“We're a quiet area with lots of elderly people living here.

“It's a very sad situation and it casts a dark shadow.”

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