Gang terrorising Cork city residents 

Gang terrorising Cork city residents 

Arson, assault, and criminal damage – these are just some of the crimes being committed by members of a gang which residents say is “terrorising” people living on the north side of Cork city.

People living in and around the Mayfield area say the trouble began shortly after Christmas. They say a gang of around 30 young people, ranging from their late teens to late twenties, began to steal wheelie bins in the area and set fires in them.

When confronted, residents say the issue escalated – the culprits became aggressive and then started targeting locals and their houses, threatening them, damaging their property further, and carrying out serious assaults on both male and female residents.

Others living in the area say they gang has been throwing rocks at houses - in some cases breaking windows and damaging cars. While some of these attacks have been described as targeted, it is understood that others are more indiscriminate.

The issue was raised this week at the most recent meeting of the Mayfield, The Glen, and Ballyvolane Community Safety Forum.

Members of this community voiced their concerns to those present - including members of the Gardai and representatives of Cork City Council. 

A number of those gathered at the meeting said they were being put in fear in their own homes.

“There's a big group of people terrorising Mayfield. A lot of people's windows have been broken. Wheelie bins have been robbed and burned out. It's frightening,” said one resident.

Another said that a lot of incidents relating to the activity have taken place near the Tarry Path, which runs behind Mount Brosna, Avonmore Park, and Glenamoy Lawn.

Superintendent Mick Comyns thanked the residents for attending the forum to express their concerns.

“We can't deal with issues unless we know about them," he said. 

"I can guarantee we will give the areas mentioned tonight more attention now that we have a better idea of what is going on."

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