Dumping at Nash’s Boreen walkway branded a disgrace

Dumping at Nash’s Boreen walkway branded a disgrace
The dumped household rubbish at Nash's Boreen. Pic: Nash's Boreen Environment and Community Group.

The amenity walkway has spectacular views of the surrounding ar but unfortunately has become a litter blackspot.

Seven large bags of rubbish were picked up by local residents on Monday, which had been dumped over the past two weeks.

Local resident Derry O’Farrell said it is an ongoing issue. “Every two weeks we go out picking up rubbish and I can tell you it is absolutely disgusting what we find.

“Nappies and bottles and all sorts. We have to clean it up regularly or we will have a problem with rats in the area.” “It’s a pity,” local Cllr Mick Nugent said: “It’s a beautiful area, there are great views on the walkway.

“It is right on the edge of the city, but it is available to the city residents and that makes it very valuable.” Sinn Fein Cllr Ken Collins said: “It doesn’t cost much to dump your rubbish privately and properly.” Cllr Nugent added: “It is a small number of residents making life harder for everyone else.” The battle on dumping in Cork will hopefully be made easier thanks to the extra funding ringfenced to combat the issue made available by the Minister for Environment Denis Naughten.

As well as his commitment to enhancing the technology available to tackle littering including CCTV and drones.

When announcing that he intended to double the funding available from €650,000 to €1.3m Minister Naughten said: "The battle is well and truly on to catch and prosecute those who are committing environmental and economic treason by dumping waste illegally across our countryside, roads and rivers."

Cllr Nugent expressed delight at the announcement: “Any extra resources are welcome, but from our experience, manpower is the problem. We need additional litter wardens and people on the street.” However, Cllr Collins said it was “simply not good enough.”

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