Anger as youths throw stones at passing cars

Anger as youths throw stones at passing cars

MOTORISTS living on the north side of Cork City have hit out at youths gathering along the Northern Ring Road who are “battering” passing cars with stones.

In the most serious incident to have been caused by the practice, a youth threw a stone through the window of a female motorist's car.

It is understood that the driver very nearly lost control of the vehicle and could have easily ploughed into oncoming traffic if not for the help of the passenger in the car.

Another motorist, who raised the issue at the most recent meeting of the Mayfield, The Glen, and Ballyvolane Community Safety Forum, said on the same day as this incident, the youths hit his car.

“There were seven or eight fellas throwing stones. They put a fine dent in the side door of my car and there was a girl on the opposite side and the rock actually went through her window. And only for her boyfriend was there, the car would have ploughed into something coming up the road,” he said.

“I want those fellas picked up. God forbid there was someone killed, people would say there should have been something done.” Other locals at the meeting agreed. One said some onus should be on the parents to know where their children are and what they are doing.

Superintendent Mick Comyns said the issue is an ongoing one which crops up every couple of months.

“It's around the North Ring Road. It's from Ballyvolane Shopping Centre up to Tinkers Cross. It's kids throwing stones at cars, which is incredibly dangerous. They don't realise how dangerous it is. It's sport to them,” he said.

“We get spates of it. We go down and we put man power down there and they are gone for a while and then when we move away, within a few months it starts up again. And we give it attention again and then it's gone again, and then it comes back. We're dealing with it as best we can.” An update to the situation is expected to be prepared for the next meeting of the area's safety forum, which is due to take place on September 25.

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