Remove your dog’s poop from parks

Remove your dog’s poop from parks

Mayor of County of Cork Seamus McGrath, and Ewan McDonald, with Charllie the dog in Carrigaline Park, to launch a Cork County Council campaign asking dog dog owners and walkers to keep Cork parks and public areas clean and dog foul free this summer time.

CORK County Council has reminded dog owners of the importance of removing any dog poop from public areas and parks. 

It's part of a new campaign to keep Cork’s recreational amenities and public areas clean for all to enjoy this summer.

Seamus McGrath, Mayor of the County of Cork, said:

“We are lucky to have such a beautiful county here in Cork. Dog owners, and those who enjoy walking dogs, have a responsibility to manage their dog waste effectively. I would urge dog owners and walkers to take the necessary measures to pick up and remove dog litter to keep our county beautiful, clean and free of health hazards."

While it is always important to properly dispose of dog foul, it is all the more critical during summer months when there are larger numbers of people outdoors enjoying the good weather, visiting recreational areas and taking in the sights of Cork County.

Don Kelly, County Dog Warden, said:

“Owners must take responsibility for their pets, and this includes properly picking up and disposing of their dog waste when in public areas. All dog walkers should carry doggie waste bags when going out with their pet,” said Don Kelly, County Dog Warden. 

“We are reminding dog owners that it is an offense, carrying an on-the-spot fine, not to manage dog foul effectively. We welcome members of the public and local community to be proactive in relation to dog litter and to contact Cork County Council with details of offenders,” he added.

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