Carr's Hill ceremony to mark the Great Famine

Carr's Hill ceremony to mark the Great Famine
The cross at the Famine Graveyard on Carr's Hill which electricity company airtricity have paid to have illuminated.

THE 170th Anniversary of 'BLACK ’47' will be marked this Sunday with a ceremony at Carr’s Hill, the site of the largest mass-grave in Cork. 

It is believed that approximately 30,000 people are buried at the site, most of whom were victims of An Gorta Mór, the Great Famine.

Both the County Mayor and the City Lord Mayor will be represented at the ceremony as will the representatives of all the main religious orders.

The ceremony will include some remarks from the Mayoral representatives, some prayer and blessings and a short talk on the experience of An Gorta Mór in the Cork area. Throughout the ceremony there will be recital of poetry, song and traditional pipe laments.

The ceremony is organised by a newly formed committee who are asking to have a monument to An Gorta Mór erected in the centre of Cork city. They are hoping to attract cross-Party and community support for the initiative.

Secretary to the organising committee, Cllr Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, said:

”An Gorta Mór is probably one of the most impactful events ever in our history. We must build a monument to reflect that, in a central location where people can go to pay their respects.

"Later this year we will publish guidelines and launch a competition for artists and students to submit design concepts for the monument. Crucial to the success of this project will be two factors; fundraising is a big one, but the foremost issue we face, and which we hope will be forthcoming, is cross-political support. We should all stand together on it.”

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