Cork mum to raise funds for cancer charity following viral Beyonce pic

Cork mum to raise funds for cancer charity following viral Beyonce pic
Sharon Kellaway from Kilworth recreated the Beyoncé pic with her five-month-old twins, Senan and Zoe.

The Cork mum behind the hilarious reenactment of Beyonce’s baby shoot is planning on auctioning her veil and blanket worn in the now infamous photo in aid of local cancer services.

Sharon Kellaway, Kilworth, never intended for her take on Queen B presenting new twins Sir Carter and Rumi to the world to go viral.

After Mrs Carter released the photos posing with her newborns, decked out in a flowing veil and tiny blue knickers, Ms Kellaway snapped herself in her back garden along with her five-month-old twins Senan and Zoe.

Her viral re-enactment has come to the attention of media outlets across the world including India, Belgium, Australia and the United States.

The Cork mum now plans to auction the blanket and veil worn in her photograph to raise funds for the Cork Cancer Care Centre.

“It’s only a Penney’s blanket, that’s the hysterical thing about it,” Ms Kellaway told the Evening Echo.

Her veil was originally purchased in Debenhams but borrowed from her daughter’s dress up box for the photo, she added.

Ms Kellaway says that while she is receiving so much media attention, she wants to make the most of the opportunity to raise money for a cause that's close to her heart, the Cork Cancer Care Centre.

"I know one girl who used their services who passed away. She was a young girl, my own age,” she said, adding that the centre does amazing work.

“I never thought this would happen, I just thought it was a funny photo! Other countries think it’s brilliant. It’s because it is such a contrast."

"No offence to Queen B, I think she’s fantastic,” she added.

Ms Kellaway is still in the planning stages of the auction but expects to have more details shortly.

When asked if she thought Beyonce has seen the photo herself, Ms Kellaway said if you asked her over the weekend, she would have said no.

“But at this stage, she has to have seen it and if not her, then someone in her entourage!”

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