Further changes for Sheares Street and Grattan Street

Further changes for Sheares Street and Grattan Street
Sheare's Street is undergoing a range of traffic changes that will see the removal of the diagonal parking spaces to be replaced with parallel parking spaces. The adjacent Grattan Street has been made one-way on a permanent basis.

DRIVERS heading toward the north side from the west of the city will no longer be able to turn left onto Grattan St from Sheares St following the completion of road works, Cork City Council has confirmed, while Fenn's Quay parking spaces will be realigned to stop cars reversing onto the busy junction.

The measure is one of a number of changes aimed at tackling traffic congestion in the city centre.

North bound drivers now have to turn left off the Mardyke and head down Prospect Row to access Bachelor's Quay, Shandon and Blackpool.

"In order to reduce the volume of through traffic using the city centre, priority for north and east bound traffic coming from the west is to use Prospect Row and Grenville Place, which is now one way inbound,” said Edith Roberts, senior executive engineer at Cork City Council.

“The restriction on the left turn into Grattan Street from Sheares St and the banning of the right turn from Liberty St will be a permanent measure on completion of the works. Grattan St will remain two way from the junction of Peter’s St to the junction with Bachelor’s Quay,” Ms Roberts added.

New traffic signals to improve traffic flow are also set to come on stream with parking at Fenn's Quay to revert to parallel spaces to improve road safety and provide better access for buses into the heart of the city centre.

“In order to improve the efficiency of the junction of Grattan St-Liberty St and Sheares St changes to the traffic signals phasing are being introduced,” said Ms Roberts.

“This will provide increased through put of traffic from Grattan St and Sheares St through the junction and the restricted movements outlined above will result in longer green time being allocated to these movements.

“A fundamental element of the City Centre Public Transport improvement Scheme is to reduce the delay to inbound buses on Shear St and to, therefore, facilitate bus priority at the junction some realignment of the road is necessary.

“The parking at Fenn’s Quay will be realigned to provide parallel parking and this will improve road safety and reduce delays to traffic as a result of reversing movements close to the busy junction. Additional parking has been provided on Prospect Row as a result on the changes already made, and there is no overall loss in parking in the area as a result of the works,” Ms Roberts added.

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