Cork city traders using Whatsapp groups to tackle aggressive begging and street drinking

Cork city traders using Whatsapp groups to tackle aggressive begging and street drinking
6th June 2017........ Castle street and Daunt sqaure Picture: Eddie O'Hare

WhatsApp is the latest tool being used by Cork city centre traders in the battle against anti-social behaviour.

Communication technology is a vital element of the new "Cornstore Area Group" that will be forgoing meetings for the popular messaging app.

Owner of The Roundy Frank Bradley, who was one of the key figures in setting up the group, said the new committee had set up two WhatsApp groups between the 25 business owners involved in the initiative.

“We have one group for incidents, posting pictures and alerting the others to altercations and then we have a second group for communication.” 

Mr Bradley said the group is initially focused on dissipating the anti-social behaviour that he says is plaguing the area such as aggressive begging and drinking on the street, but they also hope to approach City Hall about a number of other issues that are affecting the businesses in the area such as street cleaning and maintenance.

Mr Bradley also made reference to the neglected buildings lining the streets and the shops that are empty upstairs.

“Why is this happening when there are people sleeping on the streets?” 

At the moment the group are looking at getting a roaming security officer to cover the area of Cornmarket Street, Paul Street, French Church Street, Daunt Square, Castle Street and Careys Lane, from next week.

As well as this a meeting was had with the Gardaí to share information about the issue of anti-social behaviour in the area.

“The guards have reacted positively, we are very impressed by their response. Clean streets are a shared prerogative and we are working together to achieve that.”

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