Metropole expansion to help rejuvenate local area says traders and CBA

Metropole expansion to help rejuvenate local area says traders and CBA

The proposed €50m renovation of the Metropole Hotel will contribute to the rejuvenation of MacCurtain Street, and will be a boon to businesses in the area.

THE proposed €50m redevelopment of The Metropole Hotel will help the continued rejuvenation of MacCurtain Street, according to the chief executive of Cork Business Association (CBA) Lawrence Owens.

“The initial detail looks very promising,” Mr Owens said.

 “We very much welcome the development. It ties in nicely with the Harley St Bridge, which will improve access to Patrick Quay.

“With Patrick Street blocked off it is likely to bring a stronger presence to the area and the Harley Street Bridge will be driving footfall over the river.”

The head of the CBA went on to say that the beds that will be provided for the expansion are much needed in the city and it is bound to bring more activity to the area.

“It is a really positive development.” 

Speaking about the initial plans that have been released, Mr Owens said: “The facade and design looks in keeping with the Victorian quarter.

Mr Owens said this was the spark needed to ignite the upgrade of Patrick’s Quay.

“It will attract other businesses and work as an incentive to other businesses to upgrade.” Local Businessman John Cremin, who runs a hairdressers on Patrick’s Quay said the development can only be positive and good for business.

“It makes sense that with more people walking the area there will be an increase in business.” Mr Cremin said it will also be good for the image of The Metropole. “The back of The Metropole can be seen from across the river and visually it is not a great view.

“It is not very eye catching. The redevelopment of it is likely to help the image of the hotel.” The businessman also mentioned that the expansion is perfectly timed to coincide with the construction of the pedestrian and cycle bridge that will stretch from Merchant’s Quay to the back of the Metropole.

Speaking briefly about Merchant’s Quay, Mr Cremin said that is is a street that could do with some renovation.

“It is not a very appealing street to look at. More could definitely be done to upgrade its appearance.” President of Junior Chamber International Cork Carol O’Donovan agreed with her business colleagues that the expansion was a good thing for the area.

"The proposed Metropole development will breathe new life into the historic Victorian quarter and provide another welcome boost to the hospitality and tourism sector in the city"

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