Rainbow flag honours the late David Roche

Rainbow flag honours the late David Roche

The new entrance to Kent Station on the southern side facing Horgan’s Quay. Picture: Denis Minihane.

A Rainbow flag has been positioned on the doors of the former "Other Place/Cork Gay Project" on North Main Street as a mark of respect to the late LGBT advocate David Roche.

Ken O’Mahony said he felt the need to create the tribute to Mr Roche at the former premises of the youth group, to mark the hundreds of people who went through the doors who Mr Roche helped.

"I felt the most fitting place to do so. I thought there needed to be something there," Mr O’Mahony told the Evening Echo.

Mr O’Mahony first started to attend the youth group when he came out as gay at age 17.

"It was a place to meet people in a similar circumstance and to chat about various things. We're still friends, a lot of the group would be in London now and the majority came over on the day of Dave's funeral to pay their respects."

The group went on to then visit the former premises on North Main Street.

"Fortunately I was able to talk freely about my sexuality with my family, but Dave was a father figure to those who didn't have family support or who had no-one else to talk to."

"For those who didn’t know anyone else who was gay, or who might have been having a hard time, it was a refuge for them. It was also a place to share advice with the group for those who were coming out.” 

The youth group also provided information about safe sex, a subject that focuses on heterosexuality in schools.

“A lot of us just wouldn’t have had a clue in that regards.It was an information hub and it was all thanks to Dave really."

Mr O’Mahoney describes Mr Roche as "dandyish.” 

"Initially you might have been intimidated by him because he was so big and broad, but once you spoke to him you realised he was a very warm person. And when he met his partner Paul, he just blossomed again."

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