Turn the English Market fountain into a wishing well for charity

Turn the English Market fountain into a wishing well for charity
The fountain in the English Market. City Councillor Thomas Moloney has suggested using the feature as a wishing well with the money donated to charity.

THE empty fountain in the centre of the English Market should be turned into a wishing well a city councillor has said.

Independent councillor Thomas Moloney has a motion before the council this evening to turn the feature into a wishing well and to use the funds generated for charity.

"Pick a charity at the start of every year and in December clean out the fountain and give the proceeds to the charity chosen," he said.

Mr Moloney told the Evening Echo: “It is a beautiful fountain in a central area of a very popular attraction, so why not use it to benefit Cork charities."

His proposal has been considered by the Council's Tourism Committee and they have decided to put it before the English Market Committee.

Mr Moloney is hopeful that it will be accepted.

“I don’t see why anyone would object to it,” he said. “The only possible issue is that it could draw the attention of someone trying to steal the money but it is in such a public area I don’t think anyone would be bold enough to try it.” The historic market dates back to 1788 and has emerged in recent years as the city's most important food venues and a popular tourist attraction.

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