‘Dog owners threatened with violence’ in Cork city

‘Dog owners threatened with violence’ in Cork city

Animal loving Corkonians are being threatened with physical violence for walking their dogs in public areas, with one woman being told in recent weeks that her throat, and her dog's throat, would be slit if they didn't leave the area immediately.

The incident, which reportedly took place in Parkowen, just off Quaker Road, was discussed at the most recent meeting of the South Central Community Safety Forum.

“I have a dog, with a dog license, for the last ten years. Since she was a pup I would pick up her poop, even before it was an enforcement. My sister went walking the dog recently in Parkowen and she got harassed by someone who came out threatening to slit her throat for walking the dog,” said one resident, who did not wish to be named.

“I did some investigation, asking people, and a lot of people have experienced that up there by people threatening people who are walking their dogs. Now, I'm sure there are some people who walk the dogs and don't clean up after them, and that's an absolute disgrace, there's no reason for it, but to threaten to slit the throats of people and dogs? That's not acceptable. Nobody has the right to do that to anybody.” Members of An Garda Siochana present at the meeting agreed that it was unacceptable, and asked that any further incidents be reported to them immediately.

Local Independent Councillor Mick Finn, who was also present, said he has heard a number of such reports about dog walkers receiving threats.

“There have been similar incidents in Green Lawn in Turners Cross. It's an issue there for people walking their dogs,” he said.

“I can understand people are angry that some dog owners are not cleaning up after their animals, because that's a big issue in the city at the moment, but threatening people who are just out walking their dogs is not the answer.” A number of people spoke out about the issue at the community safety forum, including a Douglas Street resident.

“Dogs in the area are doing their business every day and nobody picks it up. It's all over the place. Children play in the area and my concern is for them because if they come in contact with dog mess it can be very serious,” she said.

“I counted seven dogs listed as dangerous dogs in the area last weekend, roaming free without a muzzle or a lead. I'm just waiting for a serious accident to happen with a child and a dog. Either they're going to come in contact with the faeces, or they're going to be savaged. One or the other, and it's going to happen.”

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