Evicted pensioner is staying with a friend

Evicted pensioner is staying with a friend
John O'Mahony outside his Cork Corporation flat at Glenamoy Lawn, Mayfield, Cork which he was evicted from. The two plastic bags in the background are his only belongings. Pic: Billy macGill

A PENSIONER who was evicted from his council home this week said he is staying with a friend as he is "too afraid" to use the homeless emergency services.

John O’Mahony, who lived at 79 Glenamoy Lawn with his dog Milo, said he was removed from his house by four representatives of Cork City Council earlier this week. 

Mr O’Mahony, who is in his 70s, said he did not gather his belongings, before the place was boarded up.

“I am heartbroken,” Mr O Mahony told the Evening Echo.

He said he had been attending court for allegations of anti-social behaviour, but claimed he never got a letter to inform him of anything that would suggest he was being evicted.

The eviction angered some in the local area, with one concerned citizen, who lives in the area, saying: “Why would you leave a seventy-something-year-old man on the side of the street?

“You wouldn’t do it to a dog.

“I don’t care what he did, he is a vulnerable man. He has no family, they all live abroad, all he has are the clothes on his back and a chair that a neighbour lent him.” 

Local Councillor Ted Tynan said the eviction seemed “a bit heavy-handed” by the council.

“Evictions should be a last resort.” 

Mr O’Mahony said he wanted to “curl up in a corner” after being evicted from his home of 14 years.

City Hall said they could not comment on individual cases, however, it is understood there are a number of steps that must be fulfilled before an eviction order can be sought in court.

A tenant is warned about their behaviour in person, and in writing, as well as being informed of what they need to do to improve the situation.

A formal warning process is followed and, without improvement, the issue then escalates to the courts where a possession order is requested.

At an eviction, a person is given the opportunity to take items they need with them, such as wallet, phone, medication and they are assured they can get other items at a later time.

The individual is also given contact details for the Homeless Persons Unit.

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