Fota’s new Sumatran tiger named Dharma

Fota’s new Sumatran tiger named Dharma
Fota Wildlife Park names new Sumatran tiger cub Dharma.Picture Darragh Kane

FOTA Wildlife Park received thousands of name suggestions for its new Sumatran tiger cub, who will be called Dharma.

Born on May 7, to first-time parents — mother, Dourga, and father, Denar — the female cub is the first Sumatran tiger born at Fota.

Lead ranger, Kelly Lambe, said: “Dharma often loosely means the ‘right way of living’, a poignant name for a cub of one the world’s most threatened species of tiger.”

Since 2008, the Sumatran tiger has been classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). “Dharma is a great ambassador for raising awareness for her species and has been very popular with visitors to the wildlife park,” Ms Lambe said.

As part of Fota Wildlife Park’s awareness and fundraising efforts for the Sumatran tiger, there will be themed events on International Tiger Day, on July 29.

Donations will go to 21st Century Tiger, an initiative to conserve tigers in their wild habitat.

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