Morrison's Island flood defence plans to be published in November

Morrison's Island flood defence plans to be published in November
An initial concept drawing of how the Morisson's Island flood defences could look.

PLANS for the Morrison's Island flood defences will be published in late November and if approved, construction will start next summer.

It will represent a significant step forward in the long-running effort to develop flood defences in Cork city centre, coming almost eight years to the day after the major floods of November 2009.

Cork City Council has assumed responsibility for the city centre elements of the long-awaited flood defences, with the OPW and the local authority co-funding the project.

The works will span from Parliament Bridge to Parnell Place, with the OPW carrying out the rest of the Lower Lee flood defence works on a phased basis over the coming years.

An update report issued to members of Cork City Council outlines the plans for the area.

Currently, it is planned that the Part 8 planning documentation will be published by Cork City Council on November 21.

Subject to the granting of planning consent, the project will be put out to tender in early 2018, with construction taking eight to 10 months to complete, starting in the summer.

Officials at City Hall have maintained that the plans are about 'more than just flood relief', with the update document detailing the proposals in their current status.

The project will incorporate a number of public realm components, including a high-quality paved pedestrian walkway with a minimum width of three metres.

There are plans for high-quality street furniture, lighting and tree planting, as well an enhanced plaza at the eastern end of Morrison's Quay.

A parapet wall and railing which 'reflects and respects the historic bollards' which historically adorned the quays are planned, with the document stating that these will both maximise the river view and protect against flooding.

Contractors will also carry out significant remedial works to the existing quay walls, as well as installing non-return valves on the surface water drainage system.

The city flood plans are 'entirely compatible' with the OPW plans for the rest of the River Lee, offering both badly-needed long-term flood protection to an at-risk area and enhancing the public realm in the Morrison's Island area.

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