Private individual steps in to secure essential flight for Isabel

Private individual steps in to secure essential flight for Isabel
Isabel Terry from Bishopstown who is on a waiting list for a heart and double lung transplant. Picture Dan Linehan

A private individual has stepped in to offer a flight to a Cork woman in need of a rare double lung and heart transplant who faced a gruelling 12-hour journey to get to a crucial appointment in the UK.

Isabel Terry, Bishopstown, has spent almost 14 years on a transplant waiting list for a rare double-lung and heart transplant surgery.

She requires oxygen 24 hours a day as a result of a condition referred to as pulmonary atresia.

She is unable to travel by commercial flight due to the high levels of oxygen she currently requires.

Last week it was revealed that Ms Terry faced a 12-hour journey by car and ferry to an appointment with her transplant team in Newcastle after the HSE failed to provide her with an air ambulance.

This appointment in Newcastle is long overdue for Ms Terry as it has been three years since she was last assessed by her team even though she is supposed to see them every six months.

"I haven’t seen the transplant team in three years and I have deteriorated so they need to see me,” Ms Terry told the Evening Echo last week.

"This isn’t right for a person in my health, I shouldn’t be doing this. If I travel to Dublin to see my sister, I need to rest and nap after it and that is just a drive of a few hours.” 

After the failure to provide an air ambulance for Ms Terry, she faced 12 to 13 hours in a car as well as a ferry crossing and a number of overnight stops along the way.

However, a private plane has now been arranged to transport Ms Terry to Newcastle.

Writing on her Facebook blog ‘Life on the List’ last night, Ms Terry thanked her followers for their best wishes and support.

“A private plane has been arranged no thanks to the HSE. I will keep you all updated flying tomorrow. Sending lots of love to each and every one of you.”

Ms Terry is expected to travel to Newcastle today. 

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