Gardaí cracking down on drug dealers in Cork city parks

Gardaí cracking down on drug dealers in Cork city parks

The activities of drug dealers operating in broad daylight on the Old Blackrock Road are being hampered by Garda operations and patrols in the area.

Local Cllr Nicholas O' Keeffe said gardaí are more visible in the area and a number of interceptions have taken place.

Last month, reports of drug dealers doing business as early as 10am in plain sight of locals emerged after drug paraphernalia was discovered nearby in Shalom Park.

A community safety forum was held earlier this week where residents from the Old Blackrock Road outlined their concerns but acknowledged an increased Garda presence in the area.

“The statistics for the month of August in terms of interceptions for possession are up. There are operations going on,” said Cllr O'Keeffe.

“We welcome that the issue is high on the Gardaí's agenda. It's a case of nipping it in the bud now as best we can.

“We want to make sure the situation can be dealt with and there's a call for collaborative action. Cork City Council has a role to play in this as well with whatever they can do from an environmental and safety perspective and the Gardaí, the HSE and drugs task force.

"Has there been an increase in the activity? I'm not so sure, but there has been an increase in the monitoring and patrolling of it. We will see the results of that soon," he added.

Superintendent John Quilter told the Evening Echo last month that said the situation is quite complex and Gardaí are monitoring the area to clamp down on dealing and drug taking.

Superintendent Barry McPolin urged people who find drug paraphernalia to refrain from touching or trying to clear up drug debris. He added those who come across such items should contact gardaí or Cork City Council instead so trained handlers can remove it.

Meanwhile, Cllr O'Keeffe said anti-social behaviour and drug taking is also becoming a problem in Kennedy Park, just short distance from the Old Blackrock Road.

“Again very similar things about antisocial behaviour at all hours of the day or night. A whole load of paraphernalia being thrown in bushes. It's all within the one catchment area.

"The message from the Gardaí is that they are aware and they are monitoring it. Residents are appreciative of the Garda presence," he added.

Gardaí at Anglesea street are conducting operations to tackle the issue and have urged residents who suspect drug dealing to be taking place to contact the station at 021-4522000.

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