Man reunited with couple who saved him from river

Man reunited with couple who saved him from river
Rachel O’Sullivan (18) from Blackrock and Darragh McDermott (19) from Douglas who saved a man's life in the River Lee recently.

A CORK man dramatically rescued from the river after a Live at the Marquee gig has been reunited with the young couple who saved his life.

Teenage sweethearts Rachel O'Sullivan, aged 18 from Blackrock, and Darragh McDermott, aged 19 from Douglas, were celebrating finishing their Leaving Cert with a night out at Jenny Greene during Live at the Marquee concert series when they came across the man who had fallen into the river.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has since brought the young couple out for lunch as a thank you for saving his life.

“He told us he had started to give up when we found him,” Ms O’Sullivan told the Evening Echo.

“No one could hear him shout and he said he started to see a white light and to give up,” she added.

Ms O’Sullivan and Mr McDermott were leaving the gig when they met a panicked woman who alerted them to the man who had fallen in the river, close to the Lee Boat Club.

While Mr McDermott ran to get a life-ring, Ms O’Sullivan rang for an ambulance.

Mr McDermott then threw the ring to the man and pulled him downriver until he reached the pier where he was pulled from the water.

As the man was freezing, Mr McDermott gave him his jumper and they both tried to keep him warm until an ambulance arrived.

After a call was put out on Cork’s Red FM to try and find the rescuers, the pair were reunited with the man they saved.

“We’ve been in contact and he took us for lunch,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

“He was very grateful for what happened,” she added.

Mr McDermott’s father Kieran said his family are very proud of the way the couple sprang into action.

“He’d been swimming for years in Sunday’s Well and the training must have stood to him.” “We’re all incredibly proud of them. He’s made us feel quite proud.” Mr McDermott hopes to go on to study Nautical Science at National Maritime College of Ireland and Ms O’Sullivan hopes to study Wildlife Biology at Trinity College Dublin in September.

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