Mad About Cork begin work on new Kyrl's Quay mural

Mad About Cork begin work on new Kyrl's Quay mural
Mad About Cork volunteers begin work on a new mural on Kyrl's Quay

MAD About Cork’s latest project is one of their biggest yet: a multi-person operation to turn the hoarding on Kyrl’s Quay into a vibrant, eye-catching feature.

Kevin O’Brien said this will be a more abstract design than some of their previous works.

“It is going to be more decorative than art, a series of shapes and colours,” he said. 

“It is something all our volunteers can get involved with. You don’t have to be an artist to be included, we wanted to include all volunteers that we have.” 

Keeping it simple was a practical decision based on the size of the undertaking.

“Especially with such a big wall, we need more help to do it. It will keep everyone busy. Some of the other art pieces we have done would be a one or two person job so it is good to include more.

“We had 16 or 17 people on Wednesday night to start off, which is a big number for us. It will take a few weeks to do so we expect anywhere between 20 and 30 to be involved in total.” 

The people of Cork will have to wait a little while to see the finished article.

“We are aiming to finish by the end of September but it could be the start of October. Weather might delay it," he added.

They are relishing the chance to undertake a sizeable project and are planning to incorporate greenery into the finished article.

“It will be as big as Coleman’s Lane, which was a similar project we did. It is a similar length but we’re hoping this is better artistically. Plus there are plants for Kyrl’s Quay. We have wooden boxes going along the hoarding and the artwork will hopefully complement that.” 

Kyrl’s Quay isn’t the group’s only current project, though. They are also taking part in Culture Night on September 22. 

Mad About Cork’s John O'Sullivan will be giving free guided tours tour of North Main St and the old town area. He will offer insight into the secret history of its laneways, its characters, and explaining why he loves it so much. 

Tours will take place at 5.50pm, 6.50pm and 7.50pm and everyone is welcome to join one.

Mr O'Brien also said new volunteers are always welcome. If you wish to help the group with this or other projects, you can find out more at Mad About Cork on Facebook. 

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