Cork to get a taste of Japanese fine dining

Cork to get a taste of Japanese fine dining
Chef Takashi Miyazaki, pictured in his takeaway on Evergreen Street.

THE people of Cork will soon be able to experience Japanese fine dining from a chef who has cooked for pop icons Rod Stewart and Sting.

Japanese chef Takashi Miyazaki has already earned awards, praise and a host of loyal customers for his takeaway on Evergreen Street, which opened in 2015. 

Until now, customers who wanted to eat in had only the option of grabbing one of a half-dozen stools at the counter in the small premises.

But Mr Miyazaki is now preparing to open a fine dining restaurant serving a different type of Japanese cuisine.

“We will be doing upmarket Japanese-style, it will be different from Miyazaki (takeaway),” he said. 

“At Miyazaki, we cook what Japanese people eat every day but the new one will be upmarket, for special occasions and people who want to eat out.

“I want to show how Japanese people going for dinner eat, it will be a different concept.” 

Before moving to Ireland, Mr Miyazaki worked in restaurants around Japan, learning about the cuisine in different regions. While working in a five-star hotel, he cooked for celebrities including Rod Stewart and Sting, and he plans to bring his years of experience to bear on the new venture.

“It is the first time for me doing something like this but I have worked in this style of Japanese restaurant in Japan for years,” he said.

Determined to get every detail right, Mr Miyazaki is already looking for staff, despite not yet deciding on a location. His plan is to spend months training a chef and general manager, with the hope of opening in 2018.

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