Quad bikes and scramblers terrorising residents

Quad bikes and scramblers terrorising residents
Stock image of a motor scooter. Residents in housing estates in the northside say they are becoming a major issue.

Quad bikes and motor scooters are being driven at high speeds around a number of housing estates on the northside of the city, causing a serious public safety risk.

Residents describe children and teenagers riding quads and scrambler motor bikes at high speeds on footpaths in estates in estates in Popham's Park, Farranferris, Farranree and others.

“It is quite an issue in Mayfield,” Councillor Joe Kavanagh said. 

“A lot of residents have issues with these bikes, flying in and out of estates and around green areas. They are flying through the housing estates and there is a serious concern for public safety.” 

Councillor Ted Tynan agreed, saying: “There are kids who are out of control. They are driving at speed and they are intimidating and also very loud. I feel sorry for older residents in particular, they are intimidated by them.” 

Garda Superintendent Barry McPolin said riding these vehicles on the road was against the law.

“These small scooters, which are quite powerful, you wouldn’t class them as toys. They are mechanically powered and have a petrol engine so if you take them on a public highway, footpath or public area, you have to have insurance on it, and have to be 16.” 

Cllr Kavanagh highlighted the danger to the young people themselves. “There are absolutely no safety measures in place. I saw a young lad of no more than 12 flying through an estate one day with no helmet on, in his school uniform, on a motor-propelled bike. It is highly dangerous.” 

Supt McPolin said Gardaí will be working with the local communities to address the problem but also called on parents.

“So what are the parents doing about it? If the youngsters had a collision they could injure not only themselves but others, in particular the elderly. We would ask the parents to instil a sense of responsibility in their young people, to teach them it is not the place for it.”

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