Cork Gardaí warn public to lock up garden sheds

Cork Gardaí warn public to lock up garden sheds

GARDAÍ have warned farmers and suburban residents to lock up their sheds following a surge in thefts of agricultural and gardening equipment, such as strimmers, lawnmowers and quad bikes.

Chief Supt Ger Dillane said: “There seems to be a surge of quads stolen from outhouses and out-farms."

The Chief Superintendent in the North of Cork said farmers are using quad bikes outside to transport bales, transport fodder or to pull a small trailer on a farm and they are leaving them around the farm at night unattended and unsecured.

“In the last couple of months we have noticed an increase in thefts of these type of machinery and we are putting out a call to people to ensure their equipment is properly protected.

“Don’t leave them out, don’t leave them around and store them properly.” Chief Supt Dillane said in some cases these quads are left in easily accessible barns with no protection and the key in the ignition.

“This is an issue, and we need to be proactive about it. It is all about raising personal awareness in minding your own property.

The Chief Superintendent of the north region explained that farmers are very busy, going full belt from morning to night, one job to another when they have the weather and they can often forget to look after their equipment.

“When you get the weather it is hard because you want to get the work done, but you just have to take a step back and take some responsibility to look after your stuff.

“It is a time management issue that causes people to become complacent and we are trying to make people aware of the problem.

The guard said that people need to be aware that “if it is not tied down, it will be gone.”

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