Gardaí warn public to be vigilant with vehicles following Cork thefts

Gardaí warn public to be vigilant with vehicles following Cork thefts
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A STOLEN Porche has been recovered by Gardaí as part of a crackdown on motorbikes and cars being stolen around the city and burnt out.

Gurranabraher’s Acting Superintendent Gary McPolin said they were seeking the assistance of the public who may have witnessed dangerous driving around the Gurranabraher area on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Supt McPolin said there has been an increase in cars being burnt out in the area.

“Since the onset of the school holidays and the longer evenings, we have a group of youths travelling through the city and stealing motorbikes, mopeds and cars, but mainly motorbikes.

“They appear to be brought back to this area and driven in fields and on roads, and when they are done and dusted with them then they are being set on fire, which makes it difficult to identify, but not in all cases.” 

Supt McPolin said he would encourage motorbike users and people with cars to exercise vigilance with their vehicles.

“We would appeal and stress to all motorbike owners and people with cars to make sure that they are secure, not left unattended, the keys aren’t left in cars and things like that.” Gurranabraher’s Acting Superintendent also said that motorbike users especially should be careful.

“These people seem to have an innate ability to be able to steal a motorbike and hotwire them so we would ask people to ensure they have proper locks and chains and things like that for them as well.” While it is an ongoing issue, Supt McPolin said great work was being done by Gardaí to deal with the problem.

“There has been some excellent work by the Gardaí in Gurranabraher and the detective branch to curb the issue of driving around stolen cars and burning them out.”

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