Parking off Patrick Street creating problems for city residents

Parking off Patrick Street creating problems for city residents
Cars parked on Bowling Green Street.

Residents of Opera Lane Apartments are experiencing difficulty accessing and leaving their building parking garage due to on-street parking at Bowling Green.

A local resident contacted the Evening Echo expressing anger at the repeated incidents of illegal parking which is restricting access to the Opera Lane building parking facility and affecting driver's line of sight of oncoming traffic when leaving the building.

Bowling Green is a narrow one-way street off Patrick St that leads on to Drawbridge St and Perry St. Bowling Green features double yellow lines on both sides of the street.

“I live in Opera Lane and Bowling Green is how we access our garage for the complex. [In one instance] there were eight cars parked. [It's] hard to access the garage and those exiting would not be able to see approaching traffic behind an SUV,” the resident said.

“This has gone on for a year but worse since spring. One day a car was doubled parked so the lane was blocked completely,” they added.

Independent city councillor Mick Finn said the illegal parking is not due to a lack of resources for issuing fines.

"The City Council increased its number of traffic wardens so there should be plenty of resources to enforce illegal parking. The yellow lines should be enforced and this issue should be eradicated immediately.

"[There's] not much point in having a city centre movement strategy if this illegal parking is going on. However, I have asked for a parking policy review for city centre including the provision of 30 minutes or very short-stay parking to assist people popping into the city."

Fianna Fáil representative Sean Martin said traffic wardens would have to crackdown on illegal parking at the spot.

“Cork City Council wardens need to look at it. If there are double lines there, people shouldn't be parked there,” he said.

“It's a question of enforcement,” he added.

Cork City Council did not reply to requests for comment on the issue.

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