Locals rally round to repair damaged pitch

Locals rally round to repair damaged pitch

Councillors Mick Nugent (left) and Kenneth Collins (right) pictured with Don O’Leary, Grattan United, discussing the damage to the entrance gate and efforts to repair damage to the grounds of Grattan United at O’Neill Park, Knocknaheeny. Picture: Denis Minihane

Grattan Utd are appealing to the local community and businesses to donate to the soccer club to help pay the €10,000 bill racked up by recent vandalism.

Repairs of €10,000 are needed following two incidents in the past few weeks, which has left the pitch and grounds in need of significant repairs.

Chairman of the club Darren Geaney is calling on people to support the club by donating to the cost of the repairs, which are not covered by their insurance policy.

“Like all clubs, we are struggling to make ends meet and this recent damage is another blow to us.

“All donations would be greatly appreciated by the club.” New reinforced gates are being installed today and the sand-based all weather pitch needs €10,000 of repairs after a car broke into the grounds, did a number of doughnuts on the pitch and was then burnt out.

How the ‘Evening Echo’ reported the vandalism on June 12.
How the ‘Evening Echo’ reported the vandalism on June 12.

According to local Sinn Fein Councillor Mick Nugent the cost of the repairs to the pitch are not covered by the club’s insurance policy and the team and their supporters must now foot the bill.

“The new gates are being covered by the insurance policy, but unfortunately the damage to the pitch is not.” 

Cllr Nugent said the local community had started making donations to the club in order to help meet the cost of the repairs, including TD Mick Barry.

As well as this, Cork City Enterprises have pledged to provide security for the grounds over the summer months. Mr Geaney said: "Two guys will be patrolling the grounds from 7-11pm every night over the summer. This will make a huge difference to us."

Clearly the club is still a target for vandalism in the local area after suffering another bout of mindless damage to their facilities in recent days.

Mr Geaney said two wheelie bins were burnt out on the grounds while the club was waiting for the new gates to be installed.

“They won’t leave us alone,” Mr Geaney said, “But the local community has been rallying around us and it is excellent to see.”

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