Exclusion of south-east of city from speed limits is “baffling”

Exclusion of south-east of city from speed limits is “baffling”

New 30kph speed limits are to be introduced throughout the city as of November 1 under a government-funded scheme.

However, the south-east of the city won't be included after an intervention by local councillor Terry Shannon, who described the plan as 'an exercise in box-ticking' and called for a further review of the roads chosen to be included on the scheme.

Labour's local area representative Peter Horgan has slammed Mr Shannon's intervention, though.

He said, "To say that traffic calming is needed in estates but traffic speed limits are not is simply baffling. They go hand in hand, and those estates around the South East Ward such as Ashleigh, Silverdale, Beaumont, Ringmahon to name but a few, need a co-ordinated approach to reduce speeding traffic. 

"Dismissing these new bye-laws as signs that 'won't do much' is a negative approach to an initiative that has been met positively by residents."

Mr Horgan said that residents in the estate were in favour of the changes, adding that the intervention has left the area 'in limbo' as the rest of the city proceeds with the new measures.

"At the very least, these guidelines could have brought a semblance of peace of mind to families with young children who play in estates while we look to impose traffic calming measures," Mr Horgan added.

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