The Coronas are on song again at Marquee

The Coronas are on song again at Marquee
Coronas on stage at Live at the Marquee, Cork last Friday.Picture: Miki Barlok

HOT on the heels of the massive success of their latest album, Trust the Wire, which went straight to number one in the Irish charts, The Coronas returned to Live at the Marquee last night.

Rising stars, The Academic, supported and got the crowd in the right mood, with their songs ‘Different’ and ‘Mixtape.’ A great band, they are no doubt eager to own that stage themselves, one day.

The Coronas are Marquee regulars, and frontman, Danny O’Reilly, said that the tent “is like an annual party” for the band, who were performing for the sixth year last night.

Sold-out once again, their popularity in Cork is unyielding.

“Okay, Marquee, put your hands in the air, you look amazing,” the frontman said, knowing how to work the crowd.

Opening the show with their latest track, ‘Real Feel’ and then straight into ‘Get Loose’, ‘How this Goes’ and ‘Addicted to Progress’, Danny stopped to let the crowd finish the latter song and they lapped it up.

Now, I’ll admit bias here; this was not my first Coronas gig and I have been called a superfan, on occasion, but I’ll take that moniker happily. The lads deliver the goods time and time again and that’s why I love them.

“We’ve just released a new album, in case you didn’t know,” he joked.

The crowd cheered and they played a few new tracks, including ‘Who We Are’ and ‘We Couldn’t Fake That’, careful not to overdo it, though, as they knew what we were there for.

They crammed in all of their biggest hits over the two hours and two encores, including ‘Heroes and Ghosts’, ‘Desire’, ‘All the Others’ and ‘Get Loose.’

The highlight of the night, for me, was ‘Someone Else’s Hands’, a personal favourite, which showcased Danny’s vocal at its best.

It wouldn’t be a Coronas gig without breaking out ‘San Diego Song’, before finishing with a rendition of Mic Christopher’s ‘Hey Day.’

“Thank you, everyone. We’ll see you again, next year,” said a departing O’Reilly, at the end of the night.

No doubt, we’ll see you there lads.

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