Drivers asked to be conscious of renovated spaces

Drivers asked to be conscious of renovated spaces
Mad About Cork are reminding drivers to be careful not to park in its voluntary spaces. Photo courtesy of Alice Coyle

Guerilla art group Mad About Cork are reminding drivers to be conscious of their renovated spaces around the city after a voluntary garden was seriously damaged by cars parking on it.

The group is reminding drivers to be conscious of the work that goes into installing its gardens after a Mad About Cork vegetable garden at the Coal Quay was damaged by reckless parking in two separate incidents.

"I know it disheartens some in our group but you'd hope people would be more aware of their surroundings and of other people when they park," artist and group member Alan Hurley said.

"It's part of a wider problem with people parking cars on footpaths and plazas, where they can limit the manoeuvrability of pedestrians and those with disabilities," he added.

"When you work guerrilla style on the streets as volunteers like we do, you have to expect a bit of vandalism every now and then. It's rarely a big issue but when it happens then you gotta just go out and fix up the damage.” "The Coal Quay veg garden took four weeks to complete and cost over €3000," Mr Hurley said.

"A large project could take between 30 to 40 hours to build and install, plus hours more maintaining it in the future. We fund most of our projects ourselves but every now and then we'll get a donation locally to help us out with materials."

"There's no monetary gain in it for us as volunteers but we see these projects cheering up parts of the City and that keeps us motivated," he added.

Mr Hurley says the group is undeterred, with plenty of upcoming projects planned for around the City.

"Right now we're building a garden for the path along Kyrl's Quay. There's a derelict site there that will benefit greatly from some plans and veg. After that, we have a big art project where we'll be painting a series of steps in Blackpool which will be a simple but iconic art piece for Cork City."

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