Cillian gets the Mad About Cork treatment

Cillian gets the Mad About Cork treatment
Cillian Murphy, as painted by Mad About Cork volunteers, on a utility box on South Mall. Pic credit: Kevin O'Brien

Volunteer group Mad About Cork have added Cork's own Cillian Murphy to the ever-growing number of colourful utility boxes around the city.

Artists Alan Hurley and Kevin O'Brien have depicted the Cork actor in black and white. 

The Hollywood star can be spotted at the Grand Parade end of South Mall, joining the likes of the O'Donovan Brothers, Jack Gleeson, Aisling Twomey and Roy Keane is being commemorated in spray paint.

The as-yet-unfinished work is also just a few minutes from one of the group's most popular works on the Grand Parade which shows pop star Taylor Swift dancing to the Frank & Walters, marking the 20th anniversary of the release of the band's 'Grand Parade' album.

Murphy can currently be found in Christopher Nolan's box office hit 'Dunkirk', playing a shell-shocked soldier on the edge of the conflict.

Another Mad About Cork tribute is currently under way on Merchant's Quay, but the group are keeping the subject under wraps, for now.

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