Special Garda units for sex crimes and abuse to be rolled out across Cork county

Special Garda units for sex crimes and abuse to be rolled out across Cork county

SPECIAL garda units that deal with sexual, domestic or child abuse, as well as prostitution and human trafficking, will be rolled out across Cork by the end of the year.

Protective Service Units (PSU) are already in place in Cork city along with Dublin and Lough and are now on course to be delivered to Cork County, according to North Cork Chief Superintendent Ger Dillane.

“We are trying to find out lessons learnt from them at the moment," Chief Superintendent Dillane said.

"Currently, there are two sergeants and ten guards in Cork and they are being monitored to see what way they are dealing with Tusla, what way things are going “Then towards the end of the year, in the third quarter, towards the end of the third quarter there will be a review and it will be spread out to the rest of the country then.

“It will be national implementation then, that's the plan.” North Cork’s Top Cop said he was looking forward to having the services introduced in his region.

“Any specialised unit like that, they always up the quality of the service you are providing to the public.

“We will be able to give more time to things and give issues more attention.” Chief Superintendent Dillane said the services were needed in north Cork. “It is all about the service we can give to the public and if we can improve the service then that is a positive.” Director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre Mary Crilly said they have been calling for a dedicated service for the past 30 years.

“I think the pilot scheme in the city has been working well and hopefully it will enhance investigations in the county by speeding them up and improving the quality.

“Up until now it has been difficult to liaise with the services, but the PSU unit in Cork has made it a lot easier and I would hope the same will happen in the county.” North Cork Councillor Melissa Mullane said the introduction of these services to the county would be a massive plus.

“Any additional services are to be welcomed. It will help to ease crime and help the victims of crime.”

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