City centre works to close Emmet Place and Academy Street for ten days

City centre works to close Emmet Place and Academy Street for ten days
One of the pedestrian crossings on Half Moon Street that is set for repair.

From August 8 contractors will be carrying out repairs to the busy crossing points on Half Moon street at its junctions with Lavitt's Quay and Paul Street.

For ten days traffic will be prevented from entering Emmett Place or Academy Street with access only allowed for local traffic. 

The work is part of the ongoing Cork City Centre Movement Strategy (CCMS) which has resulted in the northbound closure to traffic on Patrick Street.

Along with the repairs to the pedestrian crossings, manhole covers will also be repaired and replaced where necessary.

For the duration of the ten-day street closure, traffic wishing to access Patrick's Street and the southern side of the city centre will be diverted onto Cornmarket Street, Kyle Street, North Main Street and then Washington Street.

Work is underway at various city centre locations as part of the CCMS. 

In July Patrick Street was closed to northbound traffic to carry out repairs to the stonework on all the pedestrian crossings as well as new tarmac on the road surface.

The major roadwaorks will continue until September. It s being carried out this year in advance of plans to ban private cars from Patrick's Street next year during afternoon hours. The aim is to prevent the street being used as a thoroughfare and make it more comfortable for shoppers.

Also in July, traffic on Castle Street was reversed to reduce vehicles driving through Daunt Square.

Similarly, significant work is taking place at the Mercy University Hospital, Grenville Place and Bachelors Quay to make it the main east to west route for traffic through the city centre.


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