Defibrillator on Oliver Plunkett St vandalised a seventh time

Defibrillator on Oliver Plunkett St vandalised a seventh time
The vandalised defibrillator on Oliver Plunket St.

The defibrillator cabinet on Oliver Plunkett Street has been vandalised for the seventh time.

The piece of life-saving equipment, which is stored at the back of Penneys, was broken into over the weekend.

Cork City Centre Defibrillator Project Leader Martin Walley said he can’t understand why anyone would vandalise the defibrillator.

“It is hard to understand the mentality of the individual who sees it as fun to interfere with life-saving equipment.” Mr Walley said he thought prosecution was the only way to deter people from breaking the cabinets and throwing the defibrillator into the river.

“At the moment, these people seem to think it is a great laugh to throw the equipment in the river or break into the cabinet. If we catch them we will prosecute them in order to deter others from doing the same thing.” Mr Walley said that at the moment the Gardaí were making progress in three of the incidents, including the latest bout of vandalism.

“We have CCTV footage, but it takes a bit of work to identify people from that.” As well as taking action against the perpetrators, Mr Walley said it was back to the drawing board to look at making the cabinets even more secure.

Mr Walley said the biggest problem with the vandalism was that every time it happened the defibrillator is stored in a shop instead, such as Penneys.

This means when the shop is closed, there is no access to the equipment should someone need it.

“The whole point of having the cabinets on the street is to have the defibrillators available 24/7, quickly and easily, which is not the case when they are stored in a shop.

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