Traffic increase blamed for city buses passing stops without picking up passengers

Traffic increase blamed for city buses passing stops without picking up passengers

BUS passengers in Cork have complained in recent days of buses passing stops without picking up passengers or turning up late and in some cases failing to arrive at all.

Bus Éireann has acknowledged the issue, saying it’s down to an increase in traffic and demand for its services, but said the company has been working to improve the situation.

Martin Walsh, Regional Manager with Bus Éireann, said the surge in traffic was common at this time of year and that “it takes a while every year for people to adjust their travel patterns”.

“The last couple of days have been problematic, in that traffic has been very, heavy,” he said.

“What happens then is that we get less trips out of each bus and that’ll impact on our ability to carry people, but we’ve been pulling out all the stops - we’ve every available bus and driver on the road and we’re doing everything we can to improve the situation."

“I believe (yesterday) morning was a big improvement on the last two mornings."

People tweeted to say they’ve had to wait longer at stops - particularly on routes 205/208 from the city to Bishopstown and CIT and the 220 which goes to Ballincollig, Carrigaline and Crosshaven through the city - as many buses were full.

Mr Walsh identified Summerhill North, across the city to Washington Street, as well as Douglas village, Mahon Point and CIT as traffic heavy hotspots.

Mr Walsh said a new fleet of buses was coming to Cork, some of them are already in service. He said the vehicles will help address passenger demand.

“We’re taking delivery of 16 new double-decker buses that will go a long way towards helping us carry more people, especially in the morning and evening peak when there’s most demand. It will give more capacity, it will give better reliability and just a better offering to customers.” 

Double deckers can seat up to 72 people and can hold 90 people.

Some older buses will be discontinued and double deckers will replace some of the single floor vehicles. The new buses, manufactured in Northern Ireland, have a screen to show people the bus’ location, voice announcements at stops and safety messages.

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