Patrick's Quay needs more facilities for bus passengers

Patrick's Quay needs more facilities for bus passengers
Passengers waiting to board a bus on Patrick's Quay. There are no bus shelters for waiting passengers and at peak periods buses are often double parked. Pic: Larry Cummins.

CITY councillors in Cork have called for the development of a permanent bus shelter on Patrick's Quay ahead of the wet and cold winter months.

The area is used by a number of private coach and tourist bus operators, including Aircoach and Paddywagon Tours.

Currently, there is a dedicated bus pick-up and drop-off point but no shelter for waiting tourists and travellers.

Concerns have also been raised about the issue of traffic in the area, with private cars often seen pulling into the bus stop and blocking access for the buses which are subsequently forced to pick up and drop off in the middle of the road, resulting in a backlog of traffic.

Fianna Fáil representative Tim Brosnan slammed the current facilities as unsuitable for the busy area.

"For one, the area floods constantly in heavy rain," he said.

"There are massive parking problems with the pick-up and drop-off of passengers and there is no shelter at all for customers.

"This is a massive resource for the city - huge numbers of tourists come in and out of Cork via Patrick's Quay every single day and there is no facility for them here."

Mr Brosnan called on Cork City Council to develop permanent facilities in the area as a matter of urgency.

"We need to recognise this area for what it is and ensure that it is used to its full potential," he said.

"A bus shelter with a narrow bench like the ones on Grand Parade is all that is needed to provide shelter and times."

It could also provide an ideal business opportunity for someone in the area, he added.

"A café, restaurant or internet café could provide the facility too, giving people somewhere to relax and stock up before the journey. No matter what time of year it is, people will buy sandwiches, coffee or water, use computers - it just makes sense."

In 2016, Cork City Council published a study that raised concerns about the suitability of Patrick's Quay as a busy bus stop, noting the lack of signage, lighting and information in the area as an issue.

City councillor Tom O'Driscoll said that there has been no movement in improving the area since.

"I understand any works are due to be considered in the context of the pedestrian bridge planned for the area," he said.

"We need a first-class facility for tourist buses in the city centre, though. I would support a bus shelter, an all-weather facility for people in the area."

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