Gavin is as good as Ed in Marquee

Gavin is as good as Ed in Marquee

Gavin James live at the Marquee. Pic: Darragh Kane

THERE was a massive queue in Cork last night and there has been for a few days as people seek tickets to go to a concert played by a man who for the most part, stands on stage just with his guitar and sings.

No frills or thrill.

Just plain old-fashioned singing.  His name is Ed Sheeran, a world-side singing sensation with mass hits all over the world.

Last night there were queues for another solo male singer, who for the best part of his set it’s just him and his guitar and those who were in the marquee for the Gavin James concert will tell you he is equally as good as Ed Sheeran.

Last night he was for sure and the 4,000 plus who were lucky enough to be there will sing the praises of the Dublin man to anyone that will listen.

I have to say I was blown away by the experience.  The marquee is a great venue on night’s like this.  Nights, where it’s big enough to hold a massive crowd and at the same time it can feel like an intimate venue.

From the moment we arrived at the venue you could sense it was going to be a wonderful night and right from the off when he belted out his first song, Remember me, it was a great experience.

Maybe it was the fine weather, the suffocating heat, I don’t know, even fans with their phones on all evening, sometimes above their head, added to the occassion and normally that type of stuff bothers me, but last night was different.

James was in great form and maybe we saw him at his best.  His parents were in the audience and maybe that added to his performance.  He certainly did not let them down and when he dedicated a few songs in their honour, it made the females especially in the audience fall in love with him even more.

When he sang his hit Nervous the level and intensity of the concert went up another level, but for me the best song of the night was Billie Jean, that old Michael Jackson hit.

The hair on the back of my neck was standing at this stage.

All-in-all a great night in the company of a great singer in a great venue with great weather.  What more could you ask for except maybe anyone with tickets for Ed Sheeran?

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