Census data reveals Cork is getting older

Census data reveals Cork is getting older
Census 2016 - age profile

CORK’S population is getting older and is increasing, according to the latest data made available from Census 2016 by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Since 2011, Cork’s average age has gotten older and in April 2016 it was 37.5, an increase of 1.1 years since the last Census.

The city’s average age is older than the county, with those living in urban areas 1.4 years older than their rural cohorts.

Pre-school and young adult numbers have decreased but Leeside bucks the national trend with those aged 19-24 falling by just 0.5%, compared to 6.5% nationally. The county had higher percentage increases in the primary and adult age groups, but lower increases in the secondary and older age groups.

The dependency rate of Cork city and county’s 542,869 people was recorded at 52.7%. The county’s population increased by 4.6% over the last five years compared to an increase of 2.7% in the whole of Munster.

Urban dwellers were recorded at 125,657 (up 5.4%) with 417,211 living in the county (up 4.4%).

The age group saw the largest increase in population since 2011 was the 65 years and over group, which rose dramatically by 102,174 to 637,567, an increase of 19.1%. The Census recorded 456 centenarians, an increase of 17.2% on 2011. 577,171 in this older age group lived in private households, an increase of 19.6%, while those in nursing homes increased by 1,960 to 22,762.

Nationally, the average age was 37.4 years. The results show an increase in average age in every county with Kerry and Mayo the highest at 40.2 years while Fingal was the youngest at 34.3 years.

The average age of the rural population was 2.4 years older than the urban population, an increase of 0.5 years on five years earlier. Females were on average 1.3 years older than their male counterparts.

Killarney is the oldest town in Ireland with an average age of 40.9, while Ballbriggan in Fingal is the youngest with residents there on average a sprightly age of 30.8.

Other stats revealed in the latest release, that almost 400,000 children live in rented accommodation nationally with 76,000 of those in flats and apartments.

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