Garda warning over Mayfield car break-ins

Garda warning over Mayfield car break-ins

A NUMBER of cars were broken into over the weekend in the Mayfield area, sparking an appeal from the Gardaí for people to work on their security procedures.

Mayfield Inspector Adrian Gamble said car break-ins are an ongoing issue and not just in Mayfield.

“There are cars being broken into not only in the Mayfield area but across the Cork City Division. It is not confined to Mayfield alone.

“I would appeal to the public to secure their vehicles by locking them. Also don’t leave any property visible in them, whether they are outside the house or you are going shopping or going for a walk.” 

Insp Gamble also said be mindful where you leave your car and park in a safe place.

“Park safely, for instance, if there is a street light, if you are parking your car have a light shining down on it or CCTV on it.” 

With regards home security, Insp Gamble said to be mindful of where you leave your car keys.

“There is a lot of opportunist theft occurring. Keep the keys away from doors and windows, don’t make it easier for people trying to break into your car.

“It is about going back to basics, think about how you store your car, lock it, don’t have money, don't have phones, don't have a handbag on your front seat.

“Be more aware, take the 20 seconds it takes to look around your car and see what an opportunist would take.”

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