‘Flood relief will come too late for Midleton’

‘Flood relief will come too late for Midleton’
Flooding in Midleton in 2015. Picture: Larry Cummins

CONCERNS have been raised about the lack of progress on the €20m Midleton Flood Relief Scheme. It is claimed the town will be “washed away” before the scheme is completed.

The town, which has both the Owenacurra and Dungourney rivers flowing through it, has flooded several times in recent years, causing severe damage.

Cork County Council engineers say construction of walls and embankment flood solutions are not expected to start until quarter four of 2020. Independent councillor, Noel Collins (IND), said there needs to be more progress.

“The commercial life of Midleton town, and its residents, has suffered severe flooding, to shop and homes, resulting in some businesses having to close down. I object strongly to the way the people of Midleton have been treated.

“We are waiting and waiting and we may have to wait another 20 years. The town will be washed away.”

“You’d want to be living in Midleton to see the effects of the floods that come all too regularly. It’s a shame to see boats floating down the main street and taking people out of upstairs windows at 3am and 4am in the morning,” he added.

Acting county engineer and director of water services, Kevin Morey, said the Midleton scheme is complicated by a combination of groundwater and river flooding. “There are problems related to groundwater flooding and the connectivity with river flooding. This is what makes the value in flood schemes so difficult.

“The start date for the project is someway off.

“The sense of urgency for Midleton is there and we’re very aware of it. The process of dealing with it involves a number of different approaches, because it is complex and it takes time and we want to get it right,” he added.

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