Garda issue warning on bogus tradesmen in Mahon and Blackrock

Garda issue warning on bogus tradesmen in Mahon and Blackrock

A Garda warning has been issued in the Blackrock/Mahon area about bogus tradesmen.

At a quarterly community safety forum meeting last night, Blackrock’s Sergeant in charge Fergus Twomey told the public they were dealing with a “serious issue” with relation to bogus tradesmen.

Sgt Twomey said these individuals were targeting the elderly and the vulnerable and could aggressive and intimidating in their approach.

The Gardai said that they had received a number of calls from members of the public with regards to suspicious cold callers coming to the door of their homes.

Sgt Twomey warned the public that some criminal outfits could be extremely convincing. “These people come in all forms, from your basic white van to fully decked out cars and vans with the latest gear.” Head of Community Policing Stewart Philpott, who also attended the meeting, said it was a bad time of the year for bogus tradesmen.

Sgt Philpott encouraged the public to pick up the phone and give a call to the station if they spotted anything unusual or suspicious.

“We love getting the heads up. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out a few days later that an individual has been doing the rounds.

“We are more than happy to check out tip-offs if it turns out to be nothing than well and good, but if it is something, then you are helping the whole community.” Sgt Twomey also went through some crime figures at the meeting and announced that burglaries are down in the area compared to the same period last year. Thefts of cars were also down, however, theft from cars was up from 29 to 41 incidents.

Sgt Twomey told people the majority of these thefts were opportunistic and did not include a break in. Sgt Twomey also advised people to be extra vigilant about locking up their valuables, including their car.

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