Cork centre seeking families to foster dogs this Christmas

Cork centre seeking families to foster dogs this Christmas

Toby, a Jack Russell, and Gizmo, a Shih Tzu, at the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group, DAWG, rescue centre in north Cork. The centre is asking people to consider fostering a day in the lead-up to Christmas. Picture: Denis Scannell

Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) are asking animal lovers to consider fostering a dog with the busy Christmas period on the way.

“In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we predict we are going to be busier than ever,” the group said on their social media channels.

“Our dogs do so well in foster and it is so much easier to place them from a foster home.

“Our fosterers are made up of all kinds of people: single, couples, and families with children; students, retired people, parents at home and people in part-time work.

“We work hard to make sure each dog placed in a foster home is a suitable match; we have fosterers who specialise in puppies, in bull breeds, in large or senior dogs.” 

Fostering allows dog lovers who are not ready to commit to a dog for life the chance to care for a dog. Those willing to look after dogs on a short-term or emergency basis are also asked to come forward.

Foster carers are required to be at home for most of the day, have an enclosed garden and dog bedding indoors and are asked to ensure the animal gets enough exercise.

DAWG will cover costs associated with food and veterinary costs and will provide support.

Those interested can fill out an application form at

More than 8600 dogs have been rehomed by the organisation.

DAWG also runs a dog adoption services. Almost 40 dogs are available for adoption this week.

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