Cork director joins in Golden Globes protest

Cork director joins in Golden Globes protest

Director Nora Twomey pictured with Angelina Jolie at the premiere of The Breadwinner. Nora joined others wearing black at Golden Globes.

CORK film director Nora Twomey says she joined other attendees in wearing black at the Golden Globes to ‘be part of a support system’ for other women in the industry.

The director attended the Hollywood bash for her feature-length cartoon, The Breadwinner, one of the Best Animated Feature nominees.

The black clothes theme was chosen as a protest against sexual harassment and assault, after a year when the entertainment industry was rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The vast majority of female attendees took part and Ms Twomey said, while it was good to see, it was only the start of a protracted process.

“An event is one thing but to make sure real change happens is a long-term goal and is going to take time,” she said

Ms Twomey said her experience in the Irish industry was very different to Hollywood.

“I’ve worked in Ireland, we have always made our independent films, and we have always found co-producers that are like-minded. Our studio is family-friendly and I encourage the women in my team as much as possible.”

She grew up in Midleton before attending Ballyfermot’s School of Animation in the 1990s and has seen a dramatic growth in the number of women working in the industry since then.

“I’ve had my own business for nearly 20 years now, that I run with my partners. From starting out when there was maybe three women in my course to now, when things are really beginning to change, I think it is important to acknowledge that change.”

The Breadwinner was beaten to the Golden Globe on the night by Coco but is still widely tipped for an Oscar nomination.

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