Sultans of Ping answer age-old Cork question

Sultans of Ping answer age-old Cork question
The Sultans of Ping live on stage at The Savoy in 2005. Pic: Larry Cummins

Cork punk rock legends The Sultans of Ping have finally answered the question they have been asking since 1992.

The band, best known for the classic ‘Where’s Me Jumper?, opened an account on Twitter in recent days.

In one of their first Tweets, they wrote: “Know that many of you may be visiting this Twitter feed to get the answer to one particular question.... well here is the answer you are looking for!” 

This was accompanied by a picture of a news report, about ‘a blockage in a sewage system in Dingle, which was caused by a misplaced jumper’.

So there you have it, all along the missing jumper was in a drain in Kerry.

The tweet has gone down well with fans, being liked and shared hundreds of times since they posted it.

The Twitter account appears to have been prompted by plans to re-release their debut ‘ Casual Sex In The Cineplex’ later this month.

The two-disc set, released on January 19, includes the band’s debut album, and first five singles, plus b-sides and live offerings.

It is being released by indie British label Cherry Red Records, who described it as ‘a seminal piece of Irish musical history’.

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