Praying for rain ‘to keep drunken youths away’

Praying for rain ‘to keep drunken youths away’
The Tarry Path, behind Avonmore Park, which attracts drinking and anti-social behaviour according to residents.Picture: Eddie O'Hare

THE residents of Avonmore Park are praying for rain this Christmas in order to keep drunken youths away from their estate.

The estate, which is plagued with anti-social behaviour, tends to get worse around Christmas due school holidays and an abundance of alcohol according to local resident Ger O’Keeffe.

“The only thing that keeps them away is rain,” Mr O’Keeffe said. 

“They don’t come out when it is lashing down, so we will be praying for rain in order to have a peaceful Christmas.” 

Mr O’Keeffe said in past Christmases there has been drinking, anti-social behaviour and brawling in the estate from youths as young as 10-12 years of age.

The Avonmore Park resident said youths come from all over to frequent their park and the Tarry Path green area that lies behind them.

“When the kids are off school, things are a lot worse in the area. These are primary and secondary school children in gangs. It is 10 times worse around Christmas.” 

“It is the old folks I feel sorry for. It happens every year and their Christmas is ruined.” 

Mr O’Keeffe said the Gardaí are not policing the area to the degree that is needed.

“The guards have forgotten us, all we get is broken promises.” 

Local Superintendent Mick Comyns assured the public he will have enough members working over Christmas to deal with whatever issues arise.

“I cannot predict what could happen over the holidays, or where trouble might arise but we will deal with what is reported.

Supt Comyns encouraged locals to report any incident of criminal activity they come across so that the Gardaí will be able to respond.

“Report everything and we will deal with it.”

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