Video: Cork priest offers homily hints in a new book

A CORK priest has used his experience of 50 years of preaching to publish a new book offering a simple guide for preparing reflections on the daily Mass readings. 

Homily Hints and Prayers by Capuchin priest, Fr Silvester O’Flynn offers two short reflections on the daily gospels which can be read in two to three minutes.

These simple and clear reflections would take two minutes at most and a preacher might use either one or both. They are called homily hints because a preacher can use them to trigger his own thoughts, and the best book is the one that makes you do your own thinking.

Given that modern life is fast-paced and people are under pressure for time, it is a challenge for priests to come straight to the point when giving a sermon, while also offering thoughtful inspiration based on the Bible readings.

The daily homilies of Pope Francis have a worldwide appeal and he is guided by the advice of Pope Paul VI to be simple, clear and direct.

Where there is no priest available, this book would be an invaluable help to any group who gathers to pray with the day’s Mass Readings.

Fr O’Flynn is well-known for his reflections on the Mass Readings and he has published several liturgical aids on the readings, such as Sunday Seeds and The Responsorial Psalms of Sunday.

He has frequently been asked for reflections on the daily Mass Readings and especially for Prayers of the Faithful related to the Gospel.

Homily Hints and Prayers was launched at the Holy Trinity Church recently and is published by Columba Press.

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