Dumping issue sees rats as ‘big as cats’ lurking around Farranferris Avenue

Dumping issue sees rats as ‘big as cats’ lurking around Farranferris Avenue
Illegal dumping has attracted 'rats as big as cats' to Farranferris Avenue, according to local residents.

"RATS as big as cats” are lurking around Farranferris Avenue due to an ongoing dumping issue in the area.

According to local residents, people are dumping rubbish over the wall at the back of their houses into St Finbarr's College over the past few years resulting in a rat infestation in the area.

A local resident explained that the issue is not just locals, but also people in the surrounding area who brazenly traipsed through a vacant house to dump their rubbish over the wall onto the land of St Finbarr's College at the back of the house.

“It is a health and safety issue,” one resident said, “there are children living in the area and the rats make it unsafe for them to play outside.

“My kids won’t go into the back garden because they are afraid,” the resident said.

Local Fianna Fáil councillor John Sheehan said it was a distressing issue for residents. “The extent of the issue gives out the message that it is “okay” for people to dump and that is not the case.

“There needs to be stronger enforcement on the issue.” 

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Cork and Ross, which owns St Finbarr's College, said they have previously addressed the issue by clearing out all the rubbish three years ago with a digger.

“The Diocese has addressed this problem previously, but it is proving to be difficult and expensive when domestic rubbish continues to be dumped.

“The Diocese will obviously need to liaise with the Gardaí and the council in relation to a long-term solution.”

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